February Favourites

Hello February!

February is a month of celebration of many new beginnings and these are some of my personal favourite:

1. Chinese New Year Celebrations

This is our shortest CNY break as I have to come back to KL for client’s party setup. Thought it was short, I was able to rest much better as compared to the last 2 years when I was just pregnant and very nausea throughout the CNY period and last year I was still breastfeeding (all the time). This year, Sam Sam is quite busy entertained by all the grandparents and auntie auntie, I’m quite free actually. And since I have to put Sam early to bed means I get to sleep early too. 赚到!Haha!

2. Valentine’s Project

As a continuation of our work collaboration effort that I wrote in detail here, this valentines, Juvien and I personally send over the valentines gifts to wedding planners again and I guess it’s true that’s there’s always smore room for love. Quite happy with the outcome and definitely looking forward for more friendship to blossom.

3. Friends Catch Up Sesh

Much needed catch up sessions for my sanity in the midst of insanity workload.

Really wish I can spend more time doing this With my girl friends. Spend short but quality time catching up with each other, listening to each other and cheering each other up. Definitely looking forward to more catch up session. Like I mentioned earlier, February is a celebration of many new beginnings and I’m just so happy for new job, promotion and new company start up among them. Sherly finally took a step of faith in pursuing her passion to be wedding planner and this is her page in Jakarta. So so happy for her!

4. Sam Sam Going to Toddler Class

Right after CNY, Sam Sam was transitioned to toddler class. Teacher said he’s doing well and can listen to instructions. There was one day I read through his diary book and saw teacher drawn 3 stars in that day’s entry so I asked teacher what happened. Teacher said Sam Sam was given 3 stars as encouragement because he did a few things execeptionally well like finished drinking his water, finished his lunch without dropping food on table and helped teacher to distribute books to his friends. And this is Sam Sam in this school uniform.

Final one for this month would be…. My fertility treatment journey has started… again!

Finally after months of procrastinating preparing myself, I finally made an appointment to go back to the clinic for review. As it has been a long and faith stretching journey, honestly I don’t remember much of the details until I step foot back to the clinic, and sitting there waiting to my turn… suddenly all thirds memories came back and it was quite overwhelming. And just as I thought it would be easier this time since I’ve done it before… honestly it is even more faith stretching especially you kind of know what to expect…

So yes, let’s do this! The beginning of my 3rd IVF journey….

So that’s all about February! Keep me in prayer and see you March!

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