January Favourites

Hello 2019.

To say that January was an eventful month is an understatement. Work wise I clocked in ‘peak-month-hours’ as I had tonnes of backlogged work to clear. Down with UTI for a week followed by Samuel’s bout of sickness, I was under house arrest for another one full week. He was annoyingly clingy so I could only tackle work after midnight when he was fast asleep.

We were also in the midst of spring cleaning our house and one day, Sam took a box of stapler bullets and fed Robyn a whole box of them. Yes the whole box!!! By the time I found out, the box was empty and I was so speechless and angry with Sam Sam OMG. So I rushed to send Robyn to the vet for surgery to remove the bullets from her stomach. After sending Robyn and while I was looking at Sam Sam, I worried if he also ate the stapler bullets… so off we went to the emergency ward for an X Ray. Thank God he didn’t eat any but poor Robyn had to go under the knife and the hospital bills made me super pokai this month.

Thought all was over and we could finally enjoy the the festivities ahead but on Jan 31, Sam vomited like a merlion for many times and I got him admitted to the emergency ward again for drip. Poor Sam Sam caught a stomach viral infection. 2 days in the hospital felt like 2 days in jail for us.  

So that pretty sums up my January – very heavy, tiring, poor, broke and hard to digest… what a way to start the year…


I choose to put on the garment of praise and wear Christ. I’ve learnt that praise is powerful and thankfulness changes hearts and renews minds.

With that in mind, I started to list down things that I am thankful for this month… starting with…

  • New Year celebration in Bangkok

We ushered in 2019 in our sleep. The initial plan was to go into the city for the new year countdown but instead, we ended up back to the hotel room after dinner to chill (and then fell asleep). Woke up at 7 in the morning and yes, that was our NYE celebration. 🙂

Passed by the mall entrance on New Year’s Day and took a photo in front of the LED screen. Happy New Year 2019!

    Launch of Eventistry

Together with my business partner, we have rebranded ourselves from The Wedding Project and The Party Project to Eventistry on Jan 1, 2019 (hence the workload in January due to the rebranding). Other than that, I’m also very thankful that we had a very good team meeting planning for 2019 and also the Eventistry launch party. In the midst of the crisis as mentioned above, I managed to close 3 projects! So happy! Praise God!

    Collective Central | Draft Day

It has been a tradition for many years (I can no longer remember how many) that we set apart time to attend our church’s draft day. Attended church’s draft day this year and pledged to give for the year. Felt extremely lousy and pokai with the sudden medical bills but will learn to give inspite of crisis to honour God for all His faithfulness in my life. This year I am also learning to stand by my church family as we go through waves of transition. Sometimes I may not fully grasp what’s going on but I’m learning to trust by being a vessel and grow together as a church family.

  • Mission Team Dinner 

So I attended mission team dinner with Jin to celebrate and appreciate the mission core team for all their hard work and dedication. I must say I really enjoyed myself hanging out with them over dinner. These amazing people have made in a very deep impact in my heart.  We were so so so so blessed by them, it made me forget about the backlog and work that I had waiting for me. They each have a very big heart for God and for people. Spending a few hours with them made me feel very alive, inspired and touched by their humility to serve.

  • Helper

After months and months of waiting, our helper had finally arrived! So happy because our house is now very clean, laundry is taken care of, there is fresh food for ah byn everyday and also an additional pair of hands to help with Samuel! Yaaassssss! Really appreciate Jin Chong for doing this for me. 💕💕💕

  • Friends Catch Up

Despite the “demanding schedule”, I’m very thankful for friends who avail themselves for catch up, hang out and dinners. Missing many photos of cg friends hang out and karaoke coz don’t know why we just always forget to take photo la…

Photo of amazing cg friends 💕💕

  • Started FF classes with Gillian

Let’s do this!!

  • Early CNY reunion dinner with grandpa and grandma Chee

Thank you for coming over to KL to celebrate CNY with us! Also bought my Chinese traditional wear to twin with my mom.

    Surprise gift from my valentine

Jin gave me a surprise when I came home for a short while to pack for hospital stay with Sam Sam. I saw this box sitting on my dressing table and later found out that he has been following and checking its availability closely to gift me this for Valentine’s Day. Thank you love!

Was trying to get a good clear shot of the box but couldn’t. Maybe he should get me a new phone too. 😂

  • The kids are all well now
  • My furkid Robyn’s recovery update: she was moody for the first few days at home post surgery. After that she has been very active and her stitches are healing well. She’s back to her normal self now except with the battle scar of 10 stitches on her stomach.

2 sick kiddos

All good and cheeky now

As for Sam Sam, he’s all well now and back to his happy and active self. Getting all the attention and love in Alor Setar and also very well in collecting angpows. 😝

So that’s all for my January favourites.

Thank you for reading! 😉  Be blessed!

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  1. Wow! Couldn’t believe it as I read through the events you’ve had to go through this new year. You never fail to amaze me with your strength and courage! Kudos for standing strong & prevailing Mama Hee! ♥️♥️♥️ Sending over lots of hugs and loveee

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